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by Erika Gimenes
For us, being a band coming out from Jersey to LA without really knowing anybody was very challenging. Erika was the first person who gave us an opportunity! The first time we spoke with Erika was as if we had known her for a long time. Her experience and dedication was immediately evident after just a few minutes of conversation. We used to dream about playing the world famous Whisky and Erika put her vote of confidence in us, giving us the chance we were looking for! She follows up with us before; during, and after the shows to make sure things went smoothly. She has been to our shows and has given us honest feedback. We really couldn’t ask for a better person! Now we are 3 years into our LA transition and have played several other venues and none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for Erika who gave us the jump-start we needed. If you’re looking for a positive, hard working, trust worthy, knowledgeable, respectful person to help your band reach it’s potential, then look no further. Talk to Erika!! We’re from the East Coast so we call it as it is. Erika is the real deal! Get booked now! – Raymond Velez – Handsome Karnivore

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Erika for several years in Hollywood. She is an amazing person to work with. Her dedication & professionalism is second to none. But what makes Erika so incredible to work with is she cares about the people she works with and in helping the to achieve their dream. I’ve worked with many bookers in many clubs… Erika will always be my favorite! – Tommy Delaney – Angel City Rockers 

Booking with Erika was a pivotal point in my band’s success. She always did what she could to accommodate our requests and lined up top acts to perform with us to make for an explosive night. She’s a true rockstar and continues to make a positive impact on the music scene. Working with Erika is ideal for any serious musician. – Ted Kelliher, The North

It has always been a pleasure to work with Erika. As a booking agent at Whisky A Go Go, Erika always made sure every little detail of my show was taken care of, and she always went above and beyond to make me and my band feel welcome and at home at the legendary venue. Whenever I played a show in LA (across the country from where I live), I would always book it at The Whisky because I knew that Erika and her team were top notch professionals that would make sure everything turned out great! Because of our solid working relationship, and because of how professionally personable Erika is, we developed a friendship over the years. She even helped me secure the venue I was hoping for for my 30th birthday party. A true friend, a hardworking professional, and a good person.- Madysin Hatter

Erika has always been our favorite booking agent in West Hollywood, CA. She is always very kind, professional, and knowledgeable of the live music industry. She is also very helpful in helping bands know their place in the current music scene. Overall, Erika’s vast knowledge of the industry, what works, kindness, straightforward personality, and support for all bands, whether local or touring, is what always brought us back to working with her in West Hollywood. Thank you again Erika for all your support!. – Michael Russell, Vaudeville Riot / Hollywood, CA

Erika is a true professional and always takes care of the artist she is working with. She has always taken great care of business with us and we are very happy with her work. – Morten Garberg, NiteRain

Erika’s one of the best agents I’ve worked with. She booked some of my most memorable shows and keeps a level of work and passion for music that’s hard to beat. – Gabriel Connor, Red Devil Vortex

Erika is and always has been the most professional person that we have worked with. In a business full of flakes and bs Erika has always stood apart with her honestly and integrity. – Paul Zapulla, The Cellspringers

This is Ramon from Zolto, just wanna take this time and say Erika has been nothing but the best of the best when it comes to her craft. Working with her is nothing but a fantastic experience all the time, she is a master at her craft and anyone that works with her is lucky to have that experience with her. Thank you Erika for all you’ve done for our band. – Ramon Darbidian, Zolto

Erika is to me the best Booking Agent, she really gets to know people and cares about the bands she works with, I am always confident knowing things would be great when bands work with her. I know many bands need someone top notch like her. – Jaymz Eberly EberlyProductions.com

“Erika is amazing! The booking process with her was always professional, but also fun and exciting! The Whisky A Go Go always felt like a home for the band because of her!” – Chris Luca, Killset

Erika has a true passion for the music business. Her love for music makes her genuinely care for every band, artist, and musicians that she’s worked with. . Erika’s countless support to many of us in the local scene has proven time and time again of how trustworthy and dedicated she really is! – Arnold Quezada, Dirty Machine

Since the first time we meet, maybe 4 years ago now…even tho it was business’s related, you treated me with a great deal of kindness and respect. You are such an amazing person inside and out, from the first time we meet you made me feel important. You truly showed you cared about the local bands, you were never greedy (as most promoters are). You are by far one of the best promoters I truly enjoyed doing business with. From our business dealing we developed a friendship, it was business still but you allowed me and my family into your small circle and that means the world to us. Both my with and I have tremendous respect and love for you and your family. I thank you for being such a wonderful person and allowing us to be part of the music scene in LA and most importantly to trust us in your personal life. What I enjoy most about you is your straight honesty, you don’t sugar coat anything or anyone Erika doesn’t bullshit! Keep been you the awesome amazing person that you are; friendly, kind, caring and making people feel important. Thank you so much for all you’ll done for me and my band, truly missing you as a killer promoter and as my awesome friend. – Rudy Salinas, Gravity Layne

Erika Gimenes booked my first couple of gigs at The Whisky a Go Go. She listened to my stuff and worked to find the right bills to put me on. During the entire process, Erika was a consummate professional: pro-active, forthcoming with information, available if I needed further information, and an absolute joy to work with. Expectations were always managed and the experiences were flawless. I look forward to working with her in the future. – Gene Dante 

For years Erika has helped my band Dirty Machine transform from garage band to sunset strip powerhouse. The promotion and advice she offers is bar to none. She has single handily walked us into doors we couldn’t have gotten into ourselves. The most rewarding thing about working with her is she actually cares about “up and coming” bands. Not to mention her passion for music is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Make her a believer and then buckle up. – David Leach, Dirty Machine

My band Hell On Wheels, from San Francisco, worked with/for Erika Gimenes for years at the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood. I’ve never worked with anyone that was more professional and sensitive to the artist’s needs as she has been to me and mine. Rock Euphoria will live up to it’s name, because of the integrity, experience, and artistic compassion of the founder. James Craig Paylor, Hell On Wheels

I’ve worked with a lot of booking agents in LA, and most of the time they’re just offering ridiculously bad offers using the bands. Erika is one of the people who is really different. Very nice and easy to work with, fair and easy going. Highly recommend to work with her. –Kay Khurshudyan, Stryfe

I firstly encountered Ms Gimenes in 2016 for my very first show at the world famous Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles. It was perfect artists relations chemistry, from the very start. Erika smiles every time no matter what, has always a positive attitude to any of her projects and works as hard as to her bones to make sure the results are simply perfect. She is a fantastic promoter and always accommodating and professional. Truly a pleasure to work with and very sad not to see here here in LA rock scene. After 23 years in music and several dozen tours around the globe, I am truly honored to have met Erika and among all the promoters I met, she is definitely the best one! – Alex O’Neill – Bitch